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 SUMMER 2014


As we reported last year, Cows and Beer has been remastered and reissued as the definative version in April 2014. Limited to 1000 copies each of the 5 different coloured 7" version (red, blue, green, gold and clear vinyl), and the now sold-out 12" with comic book, you can still get your hands on the 7", but hurry, they're going fast!

Get your 7" here:


 Needless to say, you need this!

The Downloads section is back!
Thanks to the power of Dropbox, there are now some active links in the Downloads section for all you cool cats to dig.
I'm continuing to stick voraciously with the .FLAC file format, any problems, we'll help you out, but "don't say please" to mp3's, as I'm sorry to say they're the "f*ckups" of the audio world.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel conducted a set of interviews with the band before and after the show played on May 26th at Turner Hall in Milwaukee. There's also some soundcheck and live footage, along with a glipse of the guys rehearsing with unsung hero Dan Hanke on drums...
- lives!!!
Finally, there is a true, official, day-to-day Die Kreuzen site!
Dealing with things as and when they happen, and allowing Counting Cracks to perform it's function as an archive, our big-sister site, created and maintained by Martin Defatte is the place to go for the more recent goings on regarding the band. There you'll find some excellent links to the various interviews and articles conducted and written in the build-up and aftermath of Lest We Forget, along with a ton of great pics from the night, a discography etc., along with some neat links and other cool stuff. 
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